Saturday, October 1, 2011

My First Whale Shark encounter Wohooooooooo

Cathrina Freminot is an assistant researcher working with MCSS on our coastal development project, but as with all our staff we try to get them aware of all of the programmes so when space came up on the whale shark monitoring boat she was raring to go....

Dr Rowat: "Do you want to go out on the boat this afternoon?"
Cathrina (Me): "Well I don’t mind, that would be nice."

It was a nice sunny day, after doing the Plankton Tow, that I got another chance to go out on the boat but this time is to see a Whale Shark. After the nice Briefing with Dr Rowat next to the coast, the skipper drove us to the deeper water. As we continue our journey , we got a call from the pilot saying that there’s a Whale Shark at Baie lazare, so we were all excited as there were no sharks seen in the morning.

When we were about 100m away, we put on our gear and swung our legs over the edge of the boat. Once arrived, Gareth, the spotter, would jump in and lift his hand when everyone else should get in the water, (you must be very fast). I was so excited as it was my first time, I grabbed my camera to make sure that I get some souvenir of that huge spotty animal.

Cathrina's first shark, later identified as a 2010 shark sey2010.072

As the second group went in the water, the first group got out from the water. While all of us were sitting in the boat, Dirk (pilot) gave us another call as there were another shark in his visual, I wanted to go in ASAP as I was so excited to see him again, that day I got the chance to swim with three of the world’s largest fish!

A happy Cathrina with intern Susie, the recorder for the trip.

What a lovely experience, a day to remember.

So many thanks to all the MCSS Staff, Pilot and Interns!

P.S I wanna swim with them Again!!!!!! It was so AMAZING!!

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