Monday, October 17, 2011

An Intern's Lament.....

After another week of rainy weather put pay to whale shark activities, the interns were getting a little restless to say the least... however, a new arrival seemed to help them get over their disappointment as intern Julia Rushton rhymes....

The microlite pilots haven’t been able to fly,
Leaving us glaring at the clouds in the sky.
No one is allowed to mention the weather,
It’s safe to say, we’re at the end of our tether.
Weather is on the mind of every intern,
For whale sharks and boat trips we do yearn.
But despite all of the persistent rain,
A new friendly face we did gain.
He’s not as spectacular as our beloved whale sharks
But he’s furry and cute and occasionally barks.
The roads and our garden he once did roam,
Until we fed him at the MCSS home.
Smelly Dog was the name given to him,
Due to him living out near the bins.
He’s much better now, he’s not skin and bone,
Sleeping outside, he hasn’t left us alone.
He’s playful and sweet- a happy old chap,
If you give him the chance, he’ll be on your lap.

He’s now called Sid cos he’s spotless and clean,
Plus calling him Smelly seemed rather mean.
His coat is white with patches of brown,
We think he’s the best looking dog in town.
For Honey he hasn’t been such a hit,
She’s playing hard to get and seems good at it.
Don’t worry Sid-it’s only a matter of time,
This fiery lady can be soft and sublime.
So forget about your stinky flea-ridden start,
We’ve scrubbed you down to win Honey’s heart.
New collar and lead, he’s eager to play,
With us, we’re sure, he’s happy to stay.
So as you can see, Sid has a wonderful life,
All he needs now is Honey as a wife!

Honey seeming rather bored with her new admirer....


Abi said...

I love it!! And I love Sid, I want to meet him!

kyran lane said...

So this is what Julia has been up to ;)