Saturday, February 11, 2012

Little Miss Daisy

A little off subject, here's a brief introduction to one of the newest MCSS team members from Project Coordinator Georgia French...

'Super Sid' our current MCSS team guard dog and furniture terrorist!

We are very happy to announce that we have a new addition to the MCSS team as of the 24th of January. Our newcomer is in the form of Daisy, a ridiculously cute, fluffy eared little terror found by the side of the road by myself, and Dr. D.

On first passing this skinny puppy I did my best impersonation and gave Dr. D. the puppy dog eyes, but as David is much more sensible than I am and less prone to picking up every waif and stray that he finds (but only just!) we decided to wait and see if she belonged to somebody before puppy-napping her. It turned out that she had been spotted in the same place for several days by our Dive Master Interns and so when we were on our way back to the office and spotted her again the puppy dog eyes did the trick and I was allowed to jump gleefully from the truck to pick her up. She was very skinny and thirsty but so sweet and affectionate everybody immediately fell in love with her, including resident MCSS dog, Sid (formerly known as Smelly Dog). David even helped to clean up the surprising amount of sick that she projectile vomited over the inside of the new Hilux...Thanks Dr. D!

Sid and Miss Daisy.... bit of a size difference to resolve here!

Unfortunately for Daisy, Sid is substantially bigger than her but doesn’t seem to realise it! As such, when he has his characteristic “Redbull” moments and bounces around the office garden like a possessed gazelle, Daisy can usually be seen scuttling into the safety of the volunteer house. When Sid remembers his manners and is a bit less boisterous they do enjoy a nice game of tug of war with the dedicated dog sock which is pretty heart melting to watch.

Daisy goes home with me every night under the insistence that she is too small to stay at the office with Sid by herself. I don’t understand all the accusations of this being a thinly veiled excuse to take the puppy home, how very cynical of you all!

A pretty content Daisy, now very at home with MCSS....

Daisy has now had her jabs, worming and de-fleaing treatment and proudly sports her new collar and lead on her walks to the beach where she seems to be in training to take on Sid in bounce-off. So there you go, one happy puppy, one very happy Georgia, one bouncy Sid and an office full of people determined to spoil little Miss Daisy rotten.