Thursday, September 22, 2011

Takama Students Find Their Whale Shark

After a dry whale shark spell, the MCSS team’s fortunes changed on Tuesday 21st September. With two full boats going out, there was a lot of people with their fingers crossed. Amongst them were two students from Takamaka Primary School, Kimberley Marie and Karlos Bouzin, who won a trip with us last year after creating beautiful whale shark and turtle posters.

Kimberley & Carlos at the Dive Centre.....

Our hopes were rewarded with a 3m whale shark who was very inquisitive and wanted to visit all the swimmers and boats. If people stopped swimming, he started to dive, when people swam near him again he’d come back up to the surface. He was accompanied by a few remoras swimming under his belly and about 25 yellow pilot fish darting around his mouth. And all of this in 17.5m visibility!

Kimberley and Karlos were joined in the water by intern Julia who did a fantastic job of leading them to the sharks and keeping them safe as they were not experienced snorkelers. For Julia it was a delight to be in the water with them on their first whale shark experience and joined in their excitement when we saw the playful little shark “Their reaction when they saw the shark was better for me than seeing the whale shark itself!” she said.

Karlos, Julia and Kimberley in hot pursuit!

Karlos: “It was the best day of my life. It was fun. I got the opportunity to see how whale sharks look like in real life. I hope we go again, you know why, because it was so much fun. I love this day!

Karlos and Kimberley with their whale shark....

Kimberley: “When I first saw the whale shark I was very happy. They are very big. It was the first time I’ve seen them. It was fun the whole day on the boat. They have a very long tail and a large mouth! I hope that we go again because I had so much fun swimming in the blue sea.

It was a pleasure to have Kimberley and Karlos join us and we hope for some more days like this the rest of the season!

Happy whale shark faces!

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