Tuesday, November 4, 2008

MCSS supported whale shark monitoring programme in Djibouti January 2009

From the 1st to 15th January 2009, a whale shark monitoring programme is being run once again in Djibouti. This is a follow up expedition to the first research visit in 2006, which scientifically documented this aggregation of juvenile whale sharks.

A juvenile whale shark in the Djibouti aggregation feeding at the surface

The expedition is being organised by the Non-Governmental Organisation Megaptera (better known for their work on humpback whales but who were the initiators of the original Djibouti whale shark programme )
with the assistance of Dr. David Rowat and the whale shark research team from the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles.

Two weeks of scientific expedition are planned to study whale sharks in the waters of the Gulf of
Tadjoura, Djibouti; participants will assist in the collection of data on these placid giant sharks (photographs or videos for photo-identification, tissue sampling for DNA analysis, compilation of the data, photo-identification matching with previous years, etc ....).

The expedition will be based aboard the beautiful DELI, a two-masted live-aboard dhow of 26m. In the first week 1st to 8th January 2009 there are 4 places available; while in the second week 8th to 15th January there are 5 places available.

Costs per person are €900 for a single week or €1600 for the both weeks excluding air-fares; costs include airport to vessel transfers as well as a visit to Lake Assal, the lowest lake on the planet. For further information concerning this exceptional experience please contact us at info@mcss.sc .

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