Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seychelles whale sharks on BBC TV

On Tuesday 18th November BBC2 aired the first screening of the whale shark episode in their series the Natural World, as many of you have contacted us to let us know!

This episode documents the work of Dr. Mark Meekan in trying to unravel the mysteries of the whale shark and includes several sequences filmed here in Seychelles with the MCSS whale shark programme in 2007. While the sequences may be brief a number of our key people are on the film and it does portray the Seychelles programme well describing it as the “largest whale shark research programme in the world" with "massive tourist integration". So all of the interns who worked with us in 2007 can be pretty happy with their contribution to the filming of this episode.

The episode was made by the Big Wave production company and includes much underwater footage captured in Seychelles by Rory McGuinness, who proved to be both an exceptional cameraman and an accomplished diver, keeping up with the sharks while pushing a massive video camera in front of him. There’s also a sequence of a whale shark having a poo which seems to have captivated the press!

The episode certainly ranks as one of the most important pieces to raise public awareness about whale sharks for many years and will doubtless be syndicated onto the various TV channels in due course. For those of you who didn’t see it the episode is to be repeated on Sunday 23rd at 8.00pm and is also available for download through the BBC Natural World iPlayer (only available in the UK).

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