Saturday, November 1, 2008

Update on Sammy the whale shark…

On Friday the 31st October, the Times Newspaper in the UK reported that the Government of the United Arab Emirates had ordered the Atlantis Resort to free the captive whale shark.
Sammy the whale shark in captivity at the Atlantis resort, Dubai. Photo courtesy Claire, Free Sammy facebook group

The 4 metre female shark was captured in August and has been in captivity in an enormous tank in the foyer of the Atlantis Resort at the Palm Jumeirah development in Dubai. The order to release the shark comes just a few weeks before the planned lavish opening party of the resort on November 20th reputed to be costing some $35 million!

The Government’s order is somewhat of a milestone for marine conservation in the region and is undoubtedly partly due to the huge amount of negative publicity generated by concerned Dubai residents and local conservationists, as well as the success of the Save Sammy facebook site.

As of this moment there has been no official confirmation that the order to release Sammy has been carried out but we will let you know as soon as we hear!

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