Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Brace Yourselves!

Saturday was a day like any other (well, at least like any other where there are sharks around): a morning of data processing, an afternoon swimming with whale sharks.  The sharks were plentiful that day, with multiple sightings, and in the end we had to leave with multiple sightings still being reported by our pilot.  As we headed back around the southwest coast, we contacted the pilot to request a fly-by.  The only response we got was, “Brace yourselves!”

A bit confused, we watched the skies.  From out of the blue appeared not only our microlite, but two other aircraft: a gyrocopter, and another microlite, this one with a small boat attached to the bottom! 
A trio of microlite aircraft line up for the fly-by!

Slowly they circled lower, joining forces in the skies, until, to our eyes, they looked to be almost flying on top of each other.  
Coming in low over the water, first the gyrocopter passed us, with a dog in the passenger seat....

Followed by the microlite-boat and then our own microlite under the command of Neil, before the trio climbed back into the air.
A rather unusual view of Neil taken by Fred Moinet in the 'flying boat'!

The clients on the boat loved it, as did we, and it was a fantastic end to a fun day of whale sharking.  Now we know the next time the pilot says “Brace yourself!” we’re in for a treat.

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