Monday, October 22, 2012

A season with a difference

Regular readers of the blog would have noticed that despite this being the peak of the Seychelles whale shark season there have been very few posts... The reason is basically that there has been a major lack of sharks. The beginning of September brought two hopeful days with shark sightings and reasonable conditions but then a period of three weeks followed where rain stopped play and thereafter we had several weeks of glorious wind and rain free days, fantastic in-water visibility, but no sharks whatsoever... 

Things went from bad to worse when our main supporter, the Underwater Centre, was burnt to the ground by a fire in the kitchens of the adjacent hotel pizzeria. 

MCSS Interns help sort through the debris of the fire at the Underwater Centre / Dive Seychelles

However, with a lot of hard work from staff and the MCSS interns the centre was able to resurrect itself from the ashes, and with it the sharks came back! Last week was good with multiple sharks in the south and several old friends coming back to visit...
 At last a whale shark!! Things are looking up!

So apologies for the hiatus but there will be several posts coming along with more inspiring stories of our big spotty fish.

There's lots of people pleased to see you guys again!

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