Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sorry for the delays in catching up on posts from the last week or two.... this one from Sarah in the last of our 'dry' weeks without sharks... thankfully they seem to have come back again this week!
So it hasn’t been the most successful week for whale sharking, in fact we haven’t been out on any trips at all. This is partly due to the recent bad weather; the pilots haven’t been able to fly round the whole island and also not spotting any sharks whilst in the air. Every day interns and staff wait for that all important phone call to tell us the results of the morning flight but we keep hearing the same words “no sharks”, you can see the disappointment in everyone’s faces and not to mention the poor intern who has to break the news to the clients that we won’t be going out. 

This week has been very much about trying to keep ourselves occupied, a few of the interns and Savi went for a dive at the Aquarium site and saw a Hawksbill turtle, whilst Matt and I went for a snorkel around Sunset Beach. As we were making our way to the right of the beach I suddenly heard Matt shouting my name and as I raced over I heard him shout “I’ve just seen a white-tip”. We both put our heads under the water and there it was. The shark didn’t stick around for long but it was really cool to see, we then went on to find a stingray, an eagle ray, a bumphead parrotfish and a honeycomb moray eel we had both concluded that it was a pretty successful afternoon snorkel.

It was also James’ 19th Birthday this week; we made him a little card and went out for pizza at one of the local restaurants. One night however he thought it would be a good idea to climb a palm tree and then got stuck, but I was fortunate enough to have a camera and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a photo!! 
So this is what interns get up to in the evening....

It has been a frustrating week for interns and staff but we are still smiling and have everything crossed for a better week. (Which it was.....)
Sarah, Alison, Savi, Freya and James (not up a tree this time!)

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