Saturday, January 21, 2012

Djibouti Update

Week three has drawn to a close and the team have all reached the mainland safe and sound. A fuller report from team leader Gareth Jeffreys will follow will shortly, once he's been able to stop the ground form swaying underneath his feet!

But in the mean time Gareth has passed on the important statistics for the last week which yielded a further 369 encounters which makes the total of 1077 over the three weeks of expedition. The total number of individual sharks identified is not yet known as the photo ID process will continue for several weeks once the team get back to base in Seychelles.

Also, Gareth managed to deploy two satellite tags, one on a five metre female and the other on a five meter male, so fingers crossed we will hear more about their exploits over the coming months.....

More from Gareth and the team shortly.

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