Sunday, October 17, 2010

Whale Shark Awareness Poster Challenge

As a part of our on-going turtle conservation programme funded by the Mangroves For the Future initiative, we recently ran a survey about peoples perceptions and knowledge regarding Seychelles turtles. The results were very interesting and one output was a targeted awareness aimed at school children.

The exhibit drew a lot of interest

As whale shark programme team leader Abi March is both a designer and school teacher, we asked if she would lend a hand to Devis Monthy and Georgia French our MCSS staff tackled with implementing the task. Abi was more than happy to assist (provided she could piggy-back some whale shark awareness into the project) and she came up with the idea of a short turn around ‘Poster Challenge’ for four schools…. Who could come up with the best awareness posters in just one week!
The turtle awareness board with some of the poster entries

Well this Saturday the kids got to show off what they had achieved and the team put together an exhibition at the National Library of the children’s entries as well as information about the MCSS turtle and whale shark programmes.

We also had a board show-casing the photography of Joe Daniels, his first national exhibition… good work Joe!

The exhibition drew a good crowd of visitors from the schools, with their parents and teachers as well as some coverage from the National Press. But more importantly, the posters were brilliant!!! As part of the prize, the winning entry from each school was to be turned into a T shirt design and all compiled as a set of postcards… Abi had worked on the winning entries and had a first transfer print of the T shirts made to give the prize winners and the orders are already flooding in and who would be surprised when you look at the winners:

First prize - International School Seychelles: Sam Benoiton

First prize - Anse Royale Secondary School: Dominic Rene

Do visit our turtle blog for images of the turtle oriented posters!

The full list of winners was:

1st Place
Sam Benoiton - International School Seychelles
Kimberley Marie - Takamaka Primary School
Dominic Rene - Anse Royale Secondary School
Aniella Cherry - Beau Vallon Primary School

2nd Place
Wayne Amelie - International School Seychelles
Karlos Bouzin - Takamaka Primary School
Estelle Lepathy - Anse Royale Secondary School
Audrey Matombe - Beau Vallon Primary School

We will let you all know when the designs are available in their final form… could be a great Christmas present!

Our congratulations to all the entrants and to the team for all their hard work!

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