Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First New Shark of the Season…

As August begins so apparently does the influx of whale sharks to Seychelles and the lucky volunteers at Global Vision International found one of the first of the arrivals on August 3rd in Bay Ternay Marine National Park.

The juvenile shark was quite at home feeding on the thick plankton soup that has appeared over the last few days and allowed the happy volunteers to swim with him for 20 minutes in the late morning before swimming off out of the bay towards grouper Point.

However, just after midday he was back again and this time stayed in the area for over an hour actively feeding among a shoal of fusilier fish.

Unfortunately a large tourist boat from the nearby luxury resort then appeared on the scene so the GVI team backed away to let them see the shark until one of the newcomers grabbed its dorsal fin and the shark immediately dived and left the area.

Having already had their whale shark presentation from Dr. David the GVI team knew both how to behave and also what photos to get and so the next day the images were handed in to MCSS and were quickly run through I3S and the shark was found to be a new shark for Seychelles and so becomes sey2010.001 the first new Seychelles shark for 2010!

So a new shark already and the monitoring team haven’t even arrived yet! Bet they wished they were here now!

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