Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dispatches from Djibouti #6: Separators week 2

For the new volunteers joining in week two, the concept of separators (see previous post) had to be instilled and so their early shots provide a nice introduction to the new arrivals, as with this shot of Abi and Warren on the way to their first encounter of the week, photo by Luis.

Abi captured this shot of Marylene in a rather composed mood on the way to her first encounter:

While second Djibouti expeditioners Luis and Flora knew well what to expect and posed for this between drop shot by Michel....
Newcomers Dareen and Christine also seemed remarkably calm.... why does Michel only take separators with girls in?

As week two rolled on those that had been on the boat for the previous week were beginning to get pretty well versed with this ‘separator’ business and so some of the shots were becoming quite novel, as in this shot of an inquisitive helicopter checking out one of the tenders by Hussain.

Self-portraits also came more into the fore as separators... Hussain by Hussain!

Although he also captured the serious work going on as Perry from IFAW Germany checks how Abi is doing with the recording of his encounter, photo Hussain.

Even odd marine life became the subject of separators.... in fact swimming crabs became a bit of a obstacle course at some times...

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