Monday, September 1, 2008

Two Young Would-be Marine Biologists Join the Team…

At the beginning of Intern training week the group have been joined by two budding marine biologists Rachel Pool (left in photo) and Clara Anganuzzi (right in photo) from the International School, Seychelles.

These two local youngsters have joined the programme for the training weeks with the interns as their end of year work attachment programme where they learn more about life outside of the school environment in an area which interests them.

We hope that the hard work in the training week won’t put them off marine science and so far they have been on the ball and showing the interns that there’s an element of truth in the saying that only children and teenagers really understand computers! However they have also done well in the shark related training….

Clara said “ I didn’t know how much work went into finding whale sharks…” while Rachel “really enjoyed the radio work and the photography work, in and out of the water like taking photos and the I3S photo ID”…

Looks like our interns are going to have some competition here!

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Guy said...

Hello to all the whale-shark crew! I really enjoyed all of your news and progress reports. Keep up the good work. I know it can really be tough at times. "Bon chance". Guy ( one of your pilots from last year)